We borrowed the planet, we did NOT inherited it


With the criteria of high service provision, respect for customer needs and through 40 years of experience, we constantly apply the most appropriate and modern methods of waste paper collection.

We cooperate with the largest printing companies, bookbinding companies, publishing houses, logistics companies, central warehouses, super markets etc.

With an eye on the future and humanity’s need for recycling, we focus on faster and safer disposal solutions, with the aim of making them available to major paper mills around the world for a cleaner planet.

Recycling is third in the paper management hierarchy with prevention first and paper reuse second. This means that before we send paper for recycling we should think about how to use less paper, keep it longer, reuse it and then recycle it.

Unfortunately, not all paper produced by households and businesses is recycled, but fortunately most of it is.

The most important categories of paper that can be recycled are:

  • White office paper
  • Newspapers, magazines, telephone directories and brochures
  • School books
  • Cardboard
  • Mixed or colored paper
  • Paper from prints


VECO company offers integrated recycling solutions to companies and industries.

The company has all the required permits for collection, transport, sorting, bundling, storage and can certify the recycling of your materials and their posting in the HMA.


Our company in the 21st century have the most modern, clean, fast and environmentally friendly ways to better collection and management of old paper for recycling each company.