Company Profile

From the small printing-houses at the centre of Athens where packaging and laboring that is done by hands, to the large printing companies with automatic packaging presses we offer top-notch services to our customers.

Our company manages, finances and installs solutions, even for the most demanding paper collection for recycling.

Since its establishment in 1973, our company is the essential partner for many enterprises that need constant and long-lasting partnership without any problems to the collection of their paper for recycling.


VECO company offers integrated recycling solutions to companies and industries.

The company has all the required permits for collection, transport, sorting, bundling, storage and can certify the recycling of your materials and their posting in the HMA.

Paper is not garbage

Paper is raw material, energy and collecting it protects our fragile environment.


They are raw material, energy and their sorting protects the environment. Recycling reduces the consumption of raw materials and the use of energy and therefore gas and greenhouse emissions.


Recycling is a key concept in modern waste management. Recyclable materials can come from many sources, including homes, utilities and industries.


If all the inhabitants of Greece recycled paper products, the release of 3.84 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere would be avoided. The energy that can be saved corresponds to the energy consumed by Athens in 4 months.